Mission Vision Values

Dont do in someone else backyard what you wouldn't do in your own




Implementing community aquaponics systems capable of producing of local, healthy and affordable food using the best available technology.

Training individuals in aquaponics techniques enabling them to feed themselves and creating business opportunities.

Disseminating Open Source technologies which enable individuals and communities to install and build food production systems to ensure their well-being and resilience in a sustainable manner.

To advance the state of the art of collaborative common aquaponics technologies through:
Researching techniques and systems.
Developing new techniques and Open Source Aquaponics Technologies.
Certifying Aquaponics Technologies.



To work by creating long term mutual beneficial partnerships instead of one off relationships.

To work by using and developing the best, most cost effective and reliable resources available favoring Open Source Technologies

To protect our developed technologies by patenting them when necessary to avoid lock out and then releasing them as Open Source for third sector use and for general use whenever possible and compatible with organisation strategy.

To work at nourishing the social sector and a resource based economy.

To ensure that our work in any specific situation is acceptable in light of our moral code; if we won’t do it for our family we won’t do it for our partners. In other words we treat our partners as our family.


To contribute to the development of a world where people can have access to local, healthy food

at affordable prices using local resources and technologies available in the collaborative common