We achieve Impact

by working with others

The AquaGarden

Social Enterprise – Todmorden – UK

Since August of 2013 we have established a partnership with the Incredible Aqua Garden to develop aquaponic systems for our local community. We have built their ebb-and-flow and vertical systems alongside the automation and controllers. The water valve project was born as a customized solution for their set-up.

Equilibrium Coop

Social Cooperative – São Paulo – Brazil

Since August of 2014 we have been working with Equilibrium Coop providing consultancy to design their systems and technologies to automate their operations.

Aquaponics Project

Sheffield -UK

In 2016 we customized and built a aquaponic system (based on the FAO design) for a local group in Sheffield. Our upgraded version 2 of the water valves were provided to enhance the performance of their ebb-and-flow systems and we also performed alpha test of our automated fish feeder.