Open-Source Tools for Farming

For local, sustainable and convenient food production systems
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What do we do?

develop Tools for Small-Scale Farming

Large and medium scale farmers have access to effective and efficient tools. Unfortunately this technologies are generally not suitable or are beyond the financial capabilities of small farms.

We develop and/or re-engineer solutions that cater for this industry sector. Our tools are designed to provide a hassle-free operation and be serviceable (We support the “Right to Repair”). The first customised devices we’re related to aquaculture and hydroponics: air actuated water valves, monitoring systems, fish feeder that why we are the “Aquaponics Lab”


Our model is to share for free everything that is abundant like the finished documentation, software, designs – while charging for what is scarce: our time applied into activities that seed new value into society: Production of Products, Research & Development,┬ádocumentation/curation of our technologies, consultancy and training.